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This is our Wish List. If you would like to donate your time, money or items
to Buffalo County Historical Society, please feel free to call Jennifer Murrish
at 308-234-3041. All donations are tax deductible.
Reference sheet protectors 
  (clear & top-loading)
For our inventory project, we have one binder per building, with one sheet per item in the building.  Therefore, we need a lot of these sheet protectors.  The estimate is 7,000 sheet protectors or 70 packages of 100.  (1000 for the depot; 100 for the train; 800 for the Freighter's Hotel; 900 for the school;  500 for the church; 100 log cabin; 1000 for the Boyd House;  200 livery barn; 200 grounds; 2000 storage rooms; 200 archive building-storage area only)
We have received donations of 1200 sheet protectors!!  Thank you!
We still need 5800 more to complete our project!           
Ink for printers
HP 21, 22, 
For the same inventory project, we will have a picture of the item on the top of each page.  We will be printing these on-site, to save money.  Therefore, ink will be in demand.  We currently have two computers and printers ready to start this project
Dvd/vhs combo tv  This is something we can take with us to booths to show what we offer.  This is also a great way for us to market what we have in the archives, show off our events, etc.

Digital photo frame
Same description as the dvd/vhs combo tv, just another avenue we can take.  This is something we can take with us to booths to show what we offer.  This is also a great way for us to market what we have in the archives, show off our events, etc.
White, stackable or folding chairs This would be great for special events and weddings.  Then our authentic chairs wouldn't be used.  100 chairs would be ideal.  They do not necessarily have to be white.
2 walk-behind snow blowers The current snow blower attaches to our lawn mower and only works on a certaqin amount of snow.  The walk-behind snow blowers work the best for our brick pathways all the way around our grounds.
2 large trash cans (35+ gallon) - one for recycling and one for trash, but both for gazebo In the gazebo, one blue can for recycling pieces would be great and another color for regular garbage collection is needed.  
Authentic rope machine Lately we have been borrowing a volunteer's rope machine and he demonstrates rope making with several other wonderful volunteers.  We would love to have a machine of our own.  Since this piece will be for educational use only, it does not necessarily have to come from Buffalo County. 
Computers Updated computers (and additional pieces) would help in both the office and in the archives for our faithful volunteers.  We prefer modern pieces so we can have at least Microsoft Excel and Word on them.
Golf cart During special events, a golf cart has been borrowed in the past to help shuttle those that park far away and/or have difficulting moving around the grounds.  It would be a huge help to have one donated to us, to have on hand for each event.
Portable ADA ramps This would help our guests in need to be able to go into some of our buildings.  Currently the depot , archive building, and the new livery barn are the only accessible buildings on propperty.

Carbon monoxide detectors
Six carbon monoxide dectors are needed for the six buildings with electricity.
Smoke detectors
Two smoke dectors are needed for each of the buildings withm electricity.
Water filtration cooler system  This is a dream probably for our new building's break room. 

As a not-for-profit, 501C-3 organization, we are always in need of volunteers, event sponsors, building fund donors, and members.

We appreciate your support!