Livery Barn

The Livery Barn was built on the Trails & Rails Museum grounds to house various wagons, saddles, and other heavy equipment. It is modeled after the abandoned general store that is located in defunct Sartoria, Nebraska.

The village of Poole purchased this Obenchain-Boyer Fire Engine about 1920. Instead of water, the small tank held a chemical mixture of sulphuric acid and bicarbonate soda. The chemical reaction of mixing these two created a pressurize flow of liquid.
Poole donated the engine to Trails & Rails Museum and it is now located in the Livery Barn.
Now located in the Livery Barn, the tanker wagon was first used to haul kerosene and later gasoline.
Other items located in the Livery Barn include a mail wagon from Odessa that was built in the early 1900's, a cargo wagon, a covered wagon (without the canvas), various farm equipment,
This replica of a Mormon cart, now located in the Livery Barn, was constructed using the same plans the Mormons used to build the carts which were used by many families to carry their possessions on the Mormon Trail to Utah.  




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