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Group Tour Reservation Form-details and registration request


Welcome to the Trails & Rails Museum, which is owned and operated by the Buffalo County Historical Society. BCHS is a true 501C-3, not-for-profit organization and we rely heavily on donations, memberships, and admission fees to keep our lights on and to maintain the buildings and artifacts. 


To streamline the booking process, we ask that you please review the options available for group tours and select a package within the option that best suits your group’s needs.  We will happily discuss these options with you and/or answer any questions you may have. 


We want to give you the best experience possible. These buildings have small rooms and we try very hard not to get too many in one area at a time, so everyone can see, hear, and enjoy the tour. To ensure we have enough volunteers and staff, please book tours as far out as possible, with a two-week minimum.  This minimum allows us to connect with volunteers and we value their time, as well. Also, please note that this request is only valid once you have received a confirmation number from the Museum’s director.


There is a picnic area/gazebo if your group would like to have lunch at the Museum.  If approved ahead of time, the church might be able to be used as a back-up lunch site for inclement weather. If a caterer is used, the agreement will be between you and them.  We cannot be in the middle.


Option A includes a personal tour of the facility for any size of group. If the total number in your group is between 10-30 participants, we will have 1-3 tour guides present that will take you through each building.   If your group has more than 30 participants, we will provide dedicated volunteers and staff in each building and then your group will break down into six smaller groups that will rotate when a bell rings.   **If your group has more than 66 participants, please consider bringing your group to our annual Wagons West Celebration in June, which is a free event and the buildings are open with volunteers stationed in each, along with demonstrations and family-friendly activities.


Package A1: Youth group (any size of a group with participants 12 years or younger) 

Criteria: One adult for every 10 kids participating must be present and stay with the group(s).



During regular business hours: Youth are free and the one adult for each 10 kids will also be free. Any additional guests pay admission. If the group is pre-booked at least two weeks out, additional guests may have 20% off regular admission fees. *Bus drivers and paras will also be free.


If the group would like to come in during non-regular hours: The youth and the one adult per ten kids will be charged 1/2 price admission and additional guests will be 20% off regular admission fees, if pre-booked at least two weeks out. *Bus drivers and paras will also be free.


Exceptions: If you and/or your organization have been bringing a group to the Museum regularly, you may be able to be grandfathered in with the old fee structure. This is determined by the Executive Director.   


Package A2: Adult group (any size of a group with participants over 12 years old) 

Fee:     During regular business hours: Guests may have 20% off regular admission fees.  


If the group would like to come in during non-regular hours: Regular Admission Fees apply. 


Option B: Your organization reserves the Museum for x amount of time (two hours, a partial or full day, three days, etc.) and your organization brings in your own volunteers and/or staff to do an activity. For example, Kearney Public Schools reserve two weeks annually in the Spring to bring in every single 4th grader to experience "Pioneer Days".  KPS staff organize volunteers and crafts in each building and the students rotate through, learning about the buildings while they make hands-on items to take home with them. KPS provides them lunch. In the afternoon, they have three activities that the students rotate through: Blacksmithing, Depot/Train, and Outdoor games. KPS provides all craft material and all man-power.  Trails & Rails Museum provides the facility.   


This package must be reserved and details of the activities have to be provided and approved by the Buffalo County Historical Society/Trails & Rails Museum Executive Director on a case-by-case basis. The reason behind this is that we are dealing with historic buildings and artifacts that have been entrusted to us and we want to share the history of Buffalo County whenever we can while preserving the artifacts for future use, all while maintaining a safe environment for everyone. 


To Request a Package, please complete this section and e-mail to 

******_______Please initial here to state you understand that this group tour is not officially reserved until this paperwork is submitted and you have received a confirmation number back from the Museum’s Director.


Organization name: __________________________________ Contact Name: __________________________ 


Contact #(s):_________________________________ Contact e-mail address: __________________________ 


Date(s) requested:  ___________________________________  Time requested: ________________________ 


Package Option requested: _________________  (if ‘other’, please describe on the reverse side or attach a doc.)


# of Adults: _____ # of Youth: _____  These numbers must include each person that will be joining your group. Please contact us with any changes in the head count as soon as possible, knowing that if the head count changes dramatically, the experience may be altered.  Additionally, if the number increases we may need to select a different date when more volunteers are available. 


Are there any special needs we need to be aware of? _______________________________________________ 


*** As a true not-for-profit organization, we strive to be fair to everyone, including our volunteers. Unfortunately, the group tour system has been abused in the past, which is why the ‘Group Tour Reservation Form’ was created.  If your numbers change and we are not notified with plenty of warning to adjust our volunteers/staff, we may not be able to accommodate the change.  Also, if the organization requesting a tour has had issues with this process in the past, prepayment may be requested and required before a date/time is confirmed.  We truly want to work with you to make sure this is an amazing experience for everyone involved. Thank you for understanding.  Please initial that you have read, understand, and agree to this:______________


Fees agreed upon: $____________ Signature agreeing to fees and terms: _____________________________

Cash and checks are accepted at this time. (You may choose to use a credit card via Paypal on our web site by going to and clicking on the ‘donate’ button in the middle of the main page).


Please note that the fees may be waived for long-term, active volunteers of the Society that reserve the Museum in advance and with coordination of the Executive Director. 


For Office Use Only:  Confirmed Arrival Day/Date: _____________________ Time: ________ Date Paid: ___________


Conversation started: _____Date officially booked: _____ Volunteers Needed: Guide 1:____Guide 2:____Guide 3:_____


Hotel:_____ School:_____ Church/Cabin:_____ Boyd House/Livery Barn:_____ Blacksmith:______ Depot/Train:______


BCHS/Trails & Rails Museum, 710 W 11th St., PO Box 523, Kearney, NE  68848-0523 * Find us on FB at ‘BuffaloCounty HistoricalSociety’            Group Tour Reservations 1-28-16.doc Updated 1-24-19